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Meet our Staff

We are proudly family owned and operated, and we pride ourselves in our work...ASSISTED LIVING! 

Our staff is among the most talented in the assisted living industry, and we specialize in assisted living. We have a combined total of over 43 years of serving families in assisted living. 

It would be our pleasure to put our extensive professional experience to work for you.

Olivea Nicholson Owner/Administrator/Head House Manager

Olivea has worked in hospital and assisted living facility settings for over 20 years. She spent many of her young adult years living and working in her mother's assisted living facility in multiple roles including caregiver/CNA, QMAP, facility tour guide, and many others. She gained a tremendous amount of first-hand knowledge regarding assisted living during this time. As part of her education, she completed Administrator Training for Assisted Living Residences and received her certification in Medication Administration. Olivea has successfully and personally cared for seniors with a variety of illnesses and ailments, including Alzheimer's, Dementia, C-DIFF, broken hips, among others. Her patience with and compassion for seniors has contributed to her success in assisted living. Olivea currently works as the Head House Manager in her assisted living facility located in Centennial, CO.

Tyrongela Ross Assistant Director/Marketing Manager/House Manager Relief

Tyrongela has professionally cared for seniors in the assisted living environment for 13 years. However, her knowledge and experience are intensified by the fact that she herself was raised in a licensed Assisted Living Residence owned and operated by her mother, where she gained an invaluable amount of first hand knowledge in the area of assisted living. Tyrongela received 2 Bachelor's degrees from the University of Phoenix and a Masters from the University of Denver (DU). She also is certified as a QMAP.

Susie Ross Manager/Assisted Living Training Specialist

For over 20 years, Susie has successfully owned and operated an assisted living facility and a home for the mentally disabled. Her commitment to ensuring the well being of all residents, and experience in managing the day to day operations of in home care facilities is invaluable. Susie helps to screen, train, and manage all caregivers to ensure they are performing at the highest level possible and providing the best care to all resident's. She is a wonderful asset to the staff.

Napoleon Ross Maintenance Manager

Napoleon ensures that the Resident's are in a safe environment by overseeing all maintenance issues on the property in Centennial, CO., and ensuring that any and all issues are resolved in a timely manner. He brngs 30 years of property management experience, and his familiarity with small assisted living facilities ensures that any problems will be identified and immediately corrected.

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