Loving Touch Elderly Assistant Care - A safe & loving assisted living home for your elderly loved one.
Loving Touch Elderly Assistant Care in Centennial                

OUR HOME                VS.           LARGER INSTITUTION

  • 1:5 staff to resident ratio

  • Extremely low turnover

  • 1 level family home

  • family style dining

  • intimate/personal home environment

  • personalized care plans

  • familiar and quiet environment

  • personalized activities

  • reasonable, more affordable rates

  • caregivers are like family to residents

Loving Touch Elderly Assistant Care assisted living facility

  • 1:10 staff to resident ratio

  • frequent staff changes

  • multiple level facility

  • cafeteria style dining

  • institutional environment

  • general institutional care

  • noisy and busy environment

  • large group activities

  • more expensive, less one-on-one attention

  • caregivers are employees to residents